Thursday, March 18, 2010

Those damned black bars

Since my initial htpc setup, I've had an overscan / underscan issue. I was very excited about snow leopard's 720p display setting, but it yielded the same results... 1 inch black bar all around with overscan unchecked, way way way too big when overscan checked (too overscanned?).
I had read about switchResX and DisplayConfigX.... also attempted and failed to get it to work several times.
2 days ago, I spent the entire day, trying to get a nice full screen going... end result, I got a lot closer than ever before with switchresx, only problem was the screen was shifted to the left about 40px and to the top about 8px...I tried to reposition (horizontal and vertical, front porch and back porch), and can't seem to get it to move.
I eventually left it at 720p default... but I posted the question on, I was advised to try connecting via VGA... I suppose I'll try it and see how it goes... but I'm concerned about sacrificing quality (VGA analog, but I think supports 720p... vs. DVI-HDMI, which is all digital)... I'll have to "borrow" a cable from work... will keep you updated... in the mean time, any advise from my loyal followers?

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  1. I was in the same situation with my Sony KDF-60WF655 using DisplayPort-to-HDMI. (Never tried VGA.) I got very close to an optimal resolution after trying a lot of manual settings with one of those two apps. (I don't remember the settings off the top of my head.) Eventually, I realized how much I missed Media Center, so after installing Windows 7 on the Mac mini, I found a perfect resolution available in Windows. Go figure.