Saturday, February 18, 2012

Movin' on up

I made some upgrades.
After an awful hard drive failure, where I lost nearly all of my totally legal movies and tv shows, everything else seemed to fall apart.
Fortunately, newertech (OWC I think?) has a 3-year warranty on the mini stack 2.5, and were absolutely delightful when  it came to getting a replacement... well I still need to send it out, so we'll see how that goes.
To save a long story, I ended up upgrading my mac mini to the lowest-end, most recent model. Super excited it's got hdmi (carries audio so I don't need that extra optical cable), and it can run Lion. There is an underscan slider bar that fixes my past black bar issue, awesome.
My impecable timing resulted in a HTPC that doesn't have an optical drive. I rely on it to be my dvd player. Apple has sn external super drive for $80, but I'm looking around for other options. Maybe something with blu-ray?

Scrollin' on, scrollin' on broken glass

Dang. I can't entirely recommend the Apple Magic Track pad. It gets a little bent and you can't click. the little nubs at the bottom fall off occasionally. Actually I hate that you need the little nubs, i want a touch click so I don't need to be on a table. It's a year and half old, let's see if Apple will replace