Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup

So one of the big statements against getting rid of cable has been sports related... here's how I'm dealing with the world cup.
Today's USA vs. England (1-1 btw baby) aired on ABC 7 in HD, so that was great... I'm not positive that their will be another... however, if you're ok with watching it in spanish (let's face it, it's waaay more exciting in spanish), most games look like they're on ch 68-2 which is, i dunno univision or something.
otherwise, you can watch online at:

or, if you happen to be in Europe (most countries, it would seem), try:

if you've got access to, (sorry, not TWC) they've got you covered

Soon, I'll be testing out slingbox set up from my parents house in staten island... it's kinda cheating but whatevs

so looks like there are a few games on ABC (HD), all other games are on 68-2 en espaƱol

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