Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Step...

I gave the ol' owner's manual a look through, and there's a built in digital tuner, even though it was built and sold before the March 1, 2007 cut-off.
Now I was ready for an antenna. In general, outdoor kicks indoor's ass. Being in a little apartment in Brooklyn, I didn't have the outdoor option.

There's a website that can tell you appx how well you should receive signals based on your location:

NYC has it good, and I should be OK with an indoor.

I found this really helpful during my Research

I eventually settled on the Terk HDTVa ($36.83 after tax)...
1. J&R had it in stock.
2. Good reviews.
3. Comes w/ an amp ($10 less for the HDTVi, which doesn't have one)... just in case.
-1. Ugly as sin.

I got it home, quick little temporary(I hope) hookup... and what do you know, got all the basics in HD, great start.

pics after the break...
some notes... just to clear up any confusion.

detail of the ugliness

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