Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Plans for my future setup

Here's the overall plan...
My current Cable bill is something like $125/mo (this includes DTV, internet, DVR, no premiums). Dropping the DTV and having RoadRunner Standard(10Mbps down) will be $45.95/mo, with and option for RR Turbo(15Mbps down) +$9.95. With a bill of $56 (+tax I'm sure), I'm saving almost $70 a month. Now what could I do with all that cash...

Over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV- Obviously I need basic channels and I need them in HD. Antenna's in, so far so good. ($37, will be paid for in less then a month)

Apple TV (w/Boxee)- I was inspired to get rid of cable, after a few months of exposure to Hulu and the likes. So the question is, how do i get streaming content onto my TV. If you haven't heard of Boxee, you should. it's sort of a mashup of Hulu and all the other networks that are streaming.
With (what seems) a simple hack/mod, Apple's AppleTV can be made to stream Boxee.
For $229, I can get a 40GB AppleTV (it's capable of 802.11n, my airport express isn't, wonder if that'll be an issue). I can stream content that I've purchased form the apple store on my mac, or other content that somehow made it's way onto my itunes library. This is huge. ($229, paid for in just over 3 months)

Netflix - I currently subscribe to netflix, 1 DVD out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan with unlimited time to watch instantly. $8.99 a month, pretty dope. With no cable to pay for, I may just go up to 2 movies at a time. It's the watch instantly streaming content, that's important... typically it's for your computer, but there are a few ways to view it on your TV. One of which is Roku ($99), others include Xbox360 and few Blu-ray players (either of which I would have preferred). Some content is offered in HD, other just pretty freakin good.... they've got movies, tv shows... but it's pretty limited. ($99 +$8.99/mo, I already have this, so it doesn't count as extra)(unless i go for the extra DVD at a time, $13.99, so +$5/mo)

Personal Video Recorder - This is a new one for me. I originally thought I could get away with not having DVR because I could just stream the show from boxee (eventually), but as stated in an earlier post, there is no live rewind. I'll have to look into that.

Other Random Ideas:
•I wonder if  it's possible to watch DVD's from my mac via AppleTV, that would allow me to get rid of my dvd as well.

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