Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shooting stuff and streaming Netflix!

I've been thinking for a while now... how can I stream Netflix and shoot zombies (among other things) all in one unit? The answer is Xbox360. I've seen it in action at my future brother in law's, and it's really well done. I'd be able to get rid of my Roku box and give me something more to do while not watching live TV.
PS3 as of Nov 10th or so, can also stream Netflix (though I've heard it's a bit of a PITA, will confirm later) it involves loading a disc and installing stuff. It would also give me the ability to watch blu-ray (though my need for quality is slowly fading) and I would feel better about microsoft not getting my money.... no left4dead 2 though... oh and it costs a little more I think.
Obviously, I've done my research.

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